AfOx Research Development Awardees Fredrick Manthi and Susana Carvalho

The Africa Oxford Initiative (AfOx) of the University of Oxford has published the full list of this year's AfOx Research Development Awardees: 16 researchers who will build on their existing AfOx facilitated collaborations to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Among the awardees are Dr Fredrick Kyalo Manthi and our very own Professor Susana Carvalho. Following our previous announcement of their award, you can now discover more about their project on 'Ecology and the deep roots of our African origins', along with the research of their fellow awardees, through the Africa Oxford Initiative's official announcement on their website. You can also find the announcement on Twitter and Facebook.

Many congratulations again to Drs Manthi and Carvalho!

Dr Fredrick Kyalo Manthi of the National Museums of Kenya, Senior Researcher & Head of the Department of Earth Sciences, alongside Prof Susana Carvalho of the University of Oxford, Associate Professor in Palaeoanthropology
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