Fieldwork in times of COVID-19

The American Society of Primatologists has issued a Conservation Action Newsletter on 'Best Practices in Field Primatology in the Age of COVID-19' - ASP Action Letter (VOLUME 1, ISSUE 5, AUGUST 2020).

The ASP Action Letter - authored by Paul A. Garber (p‐, Janice Chism (, Stacey Tecot (, Martin Kowalewski (, and Thomas R. Gillespie ( - provides several key principles regarding the consideration of fieldwork in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as an important list of links to websites and further reading on protecting primates and people during pandemics.

As a Lab in which many of us are field primatologists, we fully support the principles outlined in the document and the need for discussions of best field practices for primatologists during the COVID‐19 pandemic and beyond. We strongly encourage all field workers to read the ASP Action Letter in full and share widely with colleagues. We are most appreciative of the authors for publishing this timely and important piece and advancing the discussion of ethics in primatological fieldwork at this critical time.,%20No.%205,%20August%202020.pdf