Primate Conversations continues online

New Primate Conversations now available online

Whilst the pandemic may have put a stop to our regular Primate Conversations in 64 Banbury Road for the time being, thanks to the wonders of technology and our hard-working Lab members, the conversation has been able to continue online through our new Primate Conversations Seminar Series YouTube channel

In June we live streamed three talks which are available to watch/re-watch on our YouTube channel anywhere and anytime: 'Using emerging technology to conserve chimpanzees and biodiversity in the Nimba Mountains, Guinea' with Maegan Fitzgerald; 'In praise of folly: Play as a window into primate cognition' with Alexander Mielke; and 'A Pan-African Perspective: Chimpanzee behavioural diversity across their range' with Ammie Kalan. During the live streams, viewers were able to ask questions in the live chat, allowing us to retain this important aspect of our seminars. You can read more about these talks and other past Primate Conversations sessions here

As before, Primate Conversations = Diversity in Speakers + Audience + Question asking & Child/Family Friendly AND is now more accessible than ever!

We look forward to more Primate Conversations in the new academic year. In the meantime, please subscribe to our Primate Conversations Seminar Series YouTube channel and Facebook page so you never miss a conversation, and please feel free to share with colleagues, friends, family, and anyone else you think may be interested!

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