Congratulations to Alejandra Pascual-Garrido

Congratulations to Dr Alejandra Pascual-Garrido who has been awarded a John Fell Fund grant

Artwork depicting Dr Alejandra Pascual-Garrido in the field observsing a chimpanzee termite fishing with a stick

More congratulations are in order! We are thrilled to announce that our Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr Alejandra Pascual-Garrido has also been awarded a John Fell Fund grant to aid her project "Mechanical properties of chimpanzee plant tools: Implications for ancient technological behaviours".

The John Fell Fund is an internal research fund financed by Oxford University Press, please visit the John Fell website for full details on how to apply.

Alejandra's research project will investigate the mechanical properties of plants used for termite-fishing tools by wild chimpanzees in Tanzania. This knowledge will provide insights into the behaviours associated with the use of ephemeral technologies that were key but remain completely overlooked in the repertoire of ancient technological behaviours. 

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