Dr Kathelijne Koops and our Lab members meeting virtually via Zoom after Primate Conversations on 19th Jan 2021
Our post-Primate Conversations get togethers look a little different nowadays, but are wonderful all the same!
Here we are with Dr Kathelijne Koops following her brilliant talk
Primate Conversations schedule for Hilary Term 2021, Tuesdays at 4PM (GMT)
Primate Conversations returns for Hilary Term 2021!
Tuesdays at 4PM (GMT) - view the full line-up of seminars below!
Congratulations to João d'Oliveira Coelho for his Best Poster Prize awarded by the Primate Society of Great Britain Winter Meeting 2020
Congratulations to João d'Oliveira Coelho
for his winning poster on 'Using fossil evidence to improve our understanding of divergence estimates for the Panini and Hominini lineages'!
ESHE September 2020 - Archaeological signatures of chimpanzee perishable technology reveal the behaviour of the tool-makers
ESHE 2020
Alejandra, Katarina & Susana present their research on archaeological signatures of chimpanzee perishable technology, followed by a live Q&A
Vervet Monkeys feeding on the flowers of the Flame Creeper (Combretum microphyllum) in Gorongosa National Park - photograph by Lee Bennett
Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
Vervet Monkeys feeding on the flowers of the Flame Creeper (Combretum microphyllum) - photo by Lee Bennett
World Chimpanzee Day advertisement poster
Celebrating World Chimpanzee Day
- check out the new videos we have released all about chimpanzees and watch our Q&A Webinar, live streamed on 17th July
A Pint of Primates with Dr Elisabetta Visalberghi and Dr Valentina Truppa, discussing one of their recent research articles via a video call
A very special 'Pint of Primates'
- discussing USOs processing by wild bearded capuchins with Dr Elisabetta Visalberghi & Dr Valentina Truppa
Our Primate Models for Behavioural Evolution Lab members participarting in a virtual celebration quiz via a Zoom call - there were points for the best hat so everyone is sporting headware of some kind (the winning hat featured a chicken)!
Our newest Lab photo!
Taken during a recent virtual celebration quiz - a bit different to our usual Lab get togethers, but still lots of fun!
One of our first 'Pint of Primates' Teams calls with Lab members
Staying connected
As Trinity Term begins, our Lab has launched virtual coffee breaks and a new 'Pint of Primates' weekly discussion group to keep active
Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science!
#WomenInScience2020 #WomenScienceDay
Our (almost complete) Lab at the @efppsgb2019!
EFP-PSGB in Oxford
- (almost) all of our Lab members pictured during the memorable conference from September 2019
m bearmoreherd
Megan Beardmore-Herd wins best poster! #efp2019
presenting on "Vervet vocal flexiblity in a landscape of (little) fear at Gorongosa National Park"
lucy prize
Lucy Baehren receives prize for best podium! #efp2019
With her presentation "Saying Goodbye to the methodological conumdrum of studying leave-taking"
field school 2019  end of excavation at gpl 12  gorongosa national park
Participants of the Oxford-Gorongosa Paleo-Primate Field School 2019
paleo primate project caving in 2019  photo by piotr nasrecki
Paleo-Primate Project Caving in 2019
Photo by Piotr Nasrecki
Paleo-Primate Project, Gorongosa - Baboon, season 2018. Photo by René Bobe
Paleo-Primate Project, Gorongosa
Primate Heritage Logo
Our Primate Heritage, Our Primate Legacy
We are extremely proud to have joined Oxford Brookes in hosting the EFP/PSGB Winter meeting 2019
Paleo-Primate Project, Gorongosa - Baboon, season 2018. Photo by René Bobe
Paleo-Primate Project, Gorongosa
wenner gren workshop participants at the lion house  gorongosa
Wenner Gren Workshop participants at the Lion House - Gorongosa 2019
wenner gren workshop participants in the new amphitheatre at gorongosa national park
Wenner Gren workshop participants in the new Amphitheatre at Gorongosa National Park 2019
Vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus). Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.
Gorongosa - Mozambique
Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, represents the last unstudied link in the great African Rift that runs across eastern Africa.
pmfbel photo arran davis
Our Lab Group in 2019!
gfp lab
Our Lab at Göttingen for the Gesellschaft für Primtologie - 2019!
our lab at the ips 2018 nairobi
Our Lab at the IPS 2018
PMBE Lab at the 27th International Primatological Society Congress, in Nairobi (Kenya).
labplaque qual editada1
Carvalho’s Lab develops research focused on understanding the evolution of human and non-human primate behaviour.
The McGrew-Anderson Library
The McGrew-Anderson Library
Our lab houses an extensive library in the fields of primatology & human evolution.
Joya, a young female chimpanzee, walking bipedally while carrying a pair of stone tools (anvil and hammer). Photo by Jules Doré.
Bossou - Guinea
Since 2006, Susana's research has been focusing on wild chimpanzee stone tool use, in the forests of Bossou and Diecké.
Paleo-Primate Team surveying in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
Paleo-Primate Team surveying in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.