Almeida-Warren, K. [Associate producer to] Mam, K. & Kormos, R. (2020) Cries of Our Ancestors. Documentary premiered at the DC Environmental Film Festival. March 12-22, 2020. https://dceff.org/film/cries-of-our-ancestors/

Carvalho, S. WIRED (long reads) - The wild experiment to bring apex predators back from the brink

Mielke A. Featured in https://www.dasgehirn.info/denken/tiergedanken/schlau-schlauer-schimpanse

Lewis-Bevan L.: 

  1. “Decision Making on the Gorongosa Floodplain: What Baboons Can Tell Us”. Oxfordshire Mammal Society Monthly Presentation, Oxford Museum of Natural History, January 2020.
  2. “#FieldworkFail or #FieldworkFun?”. Wadham Outreach Day, Oxford Department of Zoology, March 2020.
  3. "Skype a Scientist”, multiple sessions, some including presentations.
  4. “Journey to a PhD”, online presentation, April 2020.
  5. “Desi Goes to the River”, online story & discussion, April 2020.

Püschel, T. A.:  News about this article: Marcé-Nogué, J., Püschel, T. A., Daasch, A., and Kaiser, T. M. (2020). Broad-scale morpho-functional traits of the mandible suggest no hard food adaptation in the hominin lineage. Sci Rep 10, 1–11. doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63739-5.

[in Spanish]

·         https://www.agenciasinc.es/Noticias/Que-comian-los-primeros-hominidos

·         https://www.lasexta.com/tecnologia-tecnoxplora/sinc/que-comian-primeros-hominidos_202004225ea064264cbdf60001590a78.html

·         http://www.madrimasd.org/notiweb/noticias/que-comian-los-primeros-hominidos

Püschel, T. A. Una breve introducción a la paleontologia humana. Ñuble and Biobio Lyceum Talk, Acción Conciencia, 11th June 2020.

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