Julie Lesnik: "Edible Insects and Human Evolution"

Talk link: https://youtu.be/ExV03DV_HHs

Primate Conversations with Julie Lesnik - 27th Arp 2021

Talk abstract: Julie Lesnik (PhD University of Michigan, 2011) is an associate professor of anthropology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, USA.  Lesnik is an interdisciplinary scholar drawing on the fields of paleoanthropology, primatology, human ecology, ethnology, and nutrition.  Her primary research is in reconstructing the importance of insects as a food source over the course of human evolution. Lesnik's expansive view not only looks back to insect consumption by our early primate ancestors but also looks forward as an advocate for more widespread insect consumption as part of a more sustainable future.  Her research has been supported by the American Association of University Women and the Leakey Foundation.  Her book Edible Insects and Human Evolution, published by the University Press of Florida, has been featured by news outlets including NPR and National Geographic.

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