Philippa Hammond: "A multi-level approach to Gorongosa baboons' landscapes of fear"

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Primate Conversations with Philippa Hammond - 25th Jan 2022: 'A multi-level approach to Gorongosa baboons' landscapes of fear'

Talk abstract: Risk of predation is purported to be a key driver of behavioural evolution in most prey species, including primates. Every animal is thought to live and act within a “landscape of fear” – a perceptual representation of risk across the environment, influenced both by actual variation in risk and mediating factors such as habitat structure. In Gorongosa, Mozambique, baboons (Papio ursinus) have lived in an unusually low-risk environment for several decades, providing an ideal setting for comparative and longitudinal exploration of their landscapes of fear. From troop-level data collected during habituation, to comparative analyses across eastern and southern African baboon populations, Philippa will present results and insights from a series of studies that link landscapes of fear, substrate use, and temporal activity patterns in these primates.

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