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Isabella Reynard

I am a final year Archaeology and Anthropology student doing my thesis project with the Primate Models Lab. The summer 2018, I did research for a pilot project titled ‘Bones of Predation’ which involved recording predation and hunting events by lions, crocodiles and baboons on the floodplains of Gorongosa. We then monitored carcasses from death onwards to investigate the taphonomic processes of the bones and scavenging patterns of animals by using camera traps. These case studies will be used as analogies in order to study hunting and scavenging behaviour by hominins living in the East African Rift Valley.

Kerris Chappell-Smith

Kerris Chappell-Smith

I am a third year Human Sciences student, using data collected in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique, to write my undergraduate dissertation. My research investigated the bipedal activities of chacma baboons in both woodland and human encampment environments. I recorded the apparent function of each bipedal bout, along with extent of uprightness, duration of bipedal bout, and details of assistance. I also aimed to record the sex and age classes of all bipedal individuals. I intend to use this data to understand the function of bipedal posture and locomotion in this species, and to thus inform models of hominin bipedalism.

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